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Print out this pdf file: printable Pixel Head.

[ Limited Edition Venetian Mask pdf file Pixel Head Mask downloadable below ]

Cut out the large QR code along the dotted line.

Stick onto to a large brown paper bag with strong glue.

Stick a square of strong card inside the bag to prevent the code bending.

Cut out eye holes using a sharp knife being careful not to spoil the design.

Cutting out the two black squares leaving a small black border works well.

Use a black marker to colour in the edges of the holes.

Use the smaller codes and text to decorate the other sides of your bag.

Find a friend to document your actions, Video is best.

Go out into the real world and engage in spontaneous amusing activities with strangers.

Remember that your real identity will be hidden by the pixelhead mask.

Allow your subconscious to take control, do the things you've always wanted to do.

Upload the results to YouTube with the tag "Pixelhead Paper Bag"

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